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TEST & GO  Thailand (Exemption from Quarantine)

Welcome To Lanna Hospital Chiang Mai Thailand

"Test & Go Program: Travelers will still be required to take the RT-PCR test upon arrival on 2 times on the 1st and 5th or 6th day on arrival."

Protocol for TEST&GO travellers >>> CLICK LINK


ข้อมูล Test&Go สำหรับคนไทย >>> คลิ๊กลิ้งค์ที่นี่

For 2nd. RT-PCR test at Lanna Hospital

1). On Day 5-6, travellers must go to their appointment at the government-designated hospitals/lab centres to undergo their second RT-PCR test, and must bring along their affixed Quarantine Form.

2).Travellers give their copy of affixed Quarantine Form to the hospitals/lab centres for billing. (There will be no additional cost for travellers who have obtained their Thailand Pass before 22 December, 2021.)

*** Travellers with the history of COVID-19 infection who have recovered by medical treatments and travellers who have received at least 1 dose of an approved vaccine after post-infection must have a certificate of COVID-19 recovery

>> If testing negative for COVID-19, travellers are free to go anywhere in Thailand
>> If testing positive for COVID-19, travellers will be referred to a healthcare facility for appropriate medical treatment, for which the expenses must be covered by the required insurance, or national healthcare coverage for Thais and eligible foreign expatriates
      Lanna  Hospital  have private room for quarantine  and medical treatment for Covid-19 positive . Please show your COVID Insurance to our Customer Service Staff .
COVID Insurance for Thailand

Based on experience, the common problem for Thailand Pass applications being rejected is that some insurance policies are not properly worded. Your COVID-19 insurance must expressly state that it covers up to 50,000 USD medical expenses including COVID-19 while in Thailand. You may use your own health insurance or purchase an insurance from your own country, however, it is recommended to purchase from an insurance company in Thailand to make sure that you meet the requirement in obtaining the Thailand Pass successfully

For Appointment:

LANNA HOSPITAL ,Chiang Mai Thailand   
Open Daily between the following time :
Monday - Sunday : 08:00 am - 04:00 pm

For More Information, Please Contact
E-mail:  Line ID:chkuplanna
Tel : +66-052-134-777 Ext.1243  

Welcome To Lanna - hospital

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