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Lanna Hospital

International patients are well cared for at Lanna Hospital. English is widely spoken by the doctors and nurses, with other major languages like Japanese and Mandarin spoken by onsite interpreters. 

Onsite surgeons and specialists are internationally credited, many of them receiving their secondary education overseas. The hospital operates an extensive breadth of specialties to offer everything from dental procedures to infertility treatments and advanced heart procedures. 

The cardiology ward is one of the most prominent units at Lanna Hospital. Specialists use modern technology and equipment to administer echocardiograms and exercise stress tests. The hospital is also equipped with temporary pacemakers and a hemodialysis unit.

While most patients at Lanna hospital are in for quick outpatient procedures, extensive inpatient services are available. The physical rehabilitation center can help victims of accidents, cancer treatments and major surgeries regain their former mobility. There are 180 beds available, the nicest of which are included in deluxe recovery rooms that look like they belong in a fancy hotel. 

The hospital is outfitted to respond to emergency situations. The emergency ward is open 24 hours and is served by a fleet of rapid-response ambulances. Air evacuation is also accommodated.

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